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Cavalo is a company built on honesty, dedication, collaboration,and excellence.

Providing clients with innovative ideas and practical solutions is one of our top priorities. These qualities have earned us a trusted reputation Our resources are dedicated to fostering innovation, maintaining high standards, and delivering exceptional value. With well-defined strategies and goals, we expand our presence in global markets and expand into new domains. We continually improve our systems and services to meet customer needs.

Cavalo air purification system

1. New modular design, easy to install and remove, convenient to clean or replace the cooling pad.
2. Using PE material, anti-aging, resistant to corrosion and rust.
3. No need to add external Brick concrete structure water tank as the bottom water gutter.
4. Matching use with the water-distribution pipe, the special designed spray system can make the water soaking into the cooling pad evenly.
5. Can realize the water circulation perfectly and prevent the rodents from entering the water gutter.

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Cavalo is a company
built on honesty, education, collaboration, and excellence.

We focus on strategic growth, partnering with local and international organizations.

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