AV 1200 Pullet Rearing System

Avian Mechanics, AV 1200 Pullet Rearing Cage are designed with the aim of long working life, productivity, excellent growth and development.

Key Advantages of This System:

All wire parts of the cage are galvanized. In this way, it has been made resistant to corrosion. In order to best meet the different needs of our customers, Avian Mechanics has designed two different pullet rearing cage, AV 1200. Trough these cages are solid and long-lasting, they provide all the conditions that animals need while growing up in the best way.

Key Advantages of This System:

• Feed distributed evenly and at rapid speed
• Clean and fresh water
• Thoughtful design for farmers and animals
• Low death rate
• Useful Design
• Minimum feed loss thanks to the deep feeder
• Resistance to corrosion and environmental factors
• High Efficiency