AV 1500 EU Encrihed/Enrichable Cage System

VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of automatic poultry feeding systems for the modern poultry industry. Chain feeding or panfeedingsystems, VDL Agrotech offers the best solution for each case with a guarantee for optimal production results.

Key Advantages of This System:

With AV 1500 EU Enriched / Enrichable cage systems, you can divide your cage into groups as you wish. Depending on the type of system, 20, 40, 24 and 48 hens can be placed per cell. Necessary space was provided for the chickens in all groups to exhibit their natural environmental conditions and natural behaviors.

Key Advantages of This System:

• Maximum hygiene conditions
• Clean eggs
• High technology
• Healthy and even chickens
• Low death rates
• Solid and long-lasting design
• Maximum protection against corrosion with galvanized mesh wires
• Uniform distribution of clean & fresh feed and water for all chickens in the house
• Minimum rate of broken and cracked eggs
• Litters that allow pecking and scratching
• Perches with a minimum length of 15 cm provided for each chicken

Nest Area:

The nest is placed in the center of the cell, and the surrounding area is equipped with specially designed curtains. Thus, chickens feel safe and in their natural environment. Thus, since they can lay eggs without being disturbed, the yield rate is higher. These curtains are designed in such a way that they do not cover the feeding areas. The nest mat has a completely perforated structure to prevent dirt and also these holes are designed in a way that no pests can pass through. These mats can be removed and cleaned after each batch and then repositioned and secured to the bottom wire mesh.