VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of automatic poultry feeding systems for the modern poultry industry. VDL Agrotech offers the best solution for each case with a guarantee for optimal production results.

All feeding systems are made of high quality, durable material, and maintenance friendly design. Designed for optimal feed distribution and minimal feed wastage.

Drinking systems

For all types of poultry. With or without dripcups. Watercontrol panels for accurate watersupply to the drinkinglines. Medicators control the accurate dosing of medication vitamins and minerals to the drinking water. Each drinking line can be individually controlled and is easy to sanitize

Storage and Transport

For safe and efficiënt feed storage VDL Agrotech offers a wide range of feedstorage silos. Filling mechanic or pneumatic or both. The flexible auger ensures optimal feedtransport from the silo into the poultry house.

Climate control

VDL Agrotech offers a range of systems to control heating, ventilation and cooling. Available in different models to meet each climatic condition. Durable, maintenance friendly and energy efficiënt.

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