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Cavalo Systems is part of Cavalo group, wich includes Cavalo Electrical panel Factory , Cavalo projects, Cavalo trading. With more than 10 years experience in electical filed the corporation was established for the sole purpose of trade and manufacturing in Industrial control systems and low voltage electrical panel building. Cavalo Systems aims at being a serious contender in the automation, drives, and electrical panels business of Saudi Arabia.


The corporation already represents or distributes for a number of top specialist companies in the field of LV switchgear, automaion, drives and solutions. In addition, it continuously monitors technical and business developments in its line of business and strive to ensure that it offers the widest possible systems portfolio comprising the latest solutions available from abound the world.

Our strategy

for the next stage depends on developing and bringing our systems up to date through the utilization of state-of-the-art production and review techniques , and the introduction of advanced systems. We are also certain that success stemming from hard work leads to more success. Cavalo Systems has been successful established strong technical enterprise.

Comprehensive engineering

capabilities, backek by the extensive engineering expertise of our associates and the substantial financial and managerial resources, represent a uniquely qulified source for innovative concepts, designs, engineering, installation management, and operations support in our specialized area of engineering. Across the spectrum of program managemnet and applied technology

Trusted by the biggest names in the industry

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric SE is a French mutinational corporation that specializes in energy management, automation solutions, spanning hardware, software, and services.

Din Rail Control Products
Masterpact MTZ

from 630 A to 6300 A

Smart Panels provide

stage of a building’s life cycle, Smart Panels provide incredible innovation to improve your work: Summary Smart Panels
Hardware Components Smart Panels,

Compact NS

Circuit breakers and switch-disconnectors form 630b to 3200 A

VarPlus Can Schneider HDuty Capacitor
Motor Control Solutions
From the most basic application to the highly complex project, Schneider Electric is committed to your success in the pumping and control marketplace.


With more than 10 years experience in electical filed the corporation was established for the sole purpose of trade and manufacturing in Industrial control systems and low voltage electrical panel building

Thermal Solutions
Axial Cooling Fans
Terminal Blocks
Box & Enclosures
Cable Management System-CMS
Automation products
Copper tube terminal
Lug Terminals
Standoff Insulator
Fuse holder
Fuse link

Field Devices

Field instrument and control solutions

Havells India

Havells India Limited is a leading fast moving eletrical goods (FMEG) company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence. Havells enjoys enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products, including industrial & domestic circuit protection devices, cables & wires, motors, fans, modular switches, home appliances , air conditioners, electric water heaters , power capacitors, CFL lamps, luminaires for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Life line
Life shield
Life guard
Cooper flexible cables (FR/FR-LSH/HFFR)

Single core PVC insuiated cooper conductor (unsheathed) flexible industrial cables 1100 voltage grade, confiming go IS: 8130

Flat cables
Multicore Round Cables
Fire Servival Cable for fire Hazardous / Prone Areas
Co-Axial TV Cables
Telephone Switch Board Cables
Solar Cable for Solar Panles


Since 1986 EMKO ELEKTRONIK A.S. has been engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of Measurement and Contrl Instumnets, temperature sensors and generator set controllers , as well as in providing the relevant before and after sales technical service.

Air conditioning Controller
Measurement and Control Devices
Automatic Genset Controller
Battery Charger


ENTES is an European technology company that works ardently since 1980 to manage the energy where energy is valuable and overcosting. As one of the leading enterprises in shaping the way of conducting business , ENTES transforms energy into a manageable concept so that business can be conducted at the lowest cost , thus providing new economical opportunities.

ELCA Transformers

Autotransformer 800kVA with switch disconnector 1600A
Three phase transformer 1500kVA with forced ventilation. Total weight 2300kg
Three phase transformer 125kVA inside IP23 stainless steel AISI 316 metal box
Three phase reactor 3800A for 6-PULSE rectifier. Total weight 2000kg
Three phase transformer 700kVA zig-zag connection with switch disconnector 1000A
Three phase transformer 50kVA 3000V ±2,5% / 400V connection Dyn11
Three phase transformer 450kVA with UL/CSA certified protections
Single phase transformer 500kVA. Weight 950kg
Single phase transformer for electromedical use
Din-rail class II transformers with protection class IP20
Single phase certified transformer
Three phase certified transforme with primary 600V

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