Feed Conveying and Transfer Systems

Avian Mechanics feed carrying systems are equipped with feed transfer pipes, augers and channels. Avian Mechanics offers 2 different feed systems to suit the different needs of farmers.

These systems are divided into trolley feding and chain feeding. In both systems, it is aimed that the birds can reach the food equally and comfortably. Although these systems work automatically, they can be easily programmed. Thanks to the feed trough used in feed systems, feed and manure do not mix with each other. In this way, maximum hygiene and minimum feed waste are achieved. All wire parts of the system are highly galvanized, so they have a very solid structure. Thanks to Avian Mechanics' feed transport systems, the feed is transferred from the silo to the poultry house quickly and without any loss. Through the augers in the system, the feed is delivered to the birds in a fresh and clean way. The sizes of these augers can vary according to the needs of the farmers.