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Cavalo produces a wide range of high-quality panels that cater to various industrial and commercial needs. The company takes pride in being one of the authorized manufacturers certified by Schneider Electric, a renowned French multinational corporation.

  • MCC

  • MDB, SDB & FDB

  • ATA & MTS

  • PLC and SCADA

  • Soft Starter Panels

  • VFD panels

  • DDC panels


Our extensive product lineup includes control panels, distribution panels, manual and automatic switchgear panels, motor variable frequency drive (VFD) panels, soft starter panels, programmable logic control (PLC) panels, and control panels for poultry sheds, feed mills, and hatcheries.

Our strategy for the next stage depends on developing and bringing our systems up to date through the utilization of state-of-the-art production and review techniques, and the introduction of advanced systems. We are also certain that success stemming from hard work leads to more success.

Our services

We leading and distinguished provider of poultry industry solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a rich history and extensive expertise,
some spanning Over 50 years in the field

  • Totally Type Tested Switchgear up to 4000A. Under IEC 60439-1

  • Partially Type Tested Switchgear up to 6000A

  • Sub Main Distribution Board (SMDB’s).

  • Final Distribution Boards (FDB’s).

  • Power Factor Correction Panels.

  • Load Center.

  • Two-Source Automatic Transfer System .

  • Three-Source Automatic Transfer System.

  • ATS with Main Distribution Board.

  • Low Voltage SYNCHROPOWER® Systems.

  • Motor Starter Panel D.O.L.

  • Motor Starter Panel Star Delta.

  • Motor Starter Panel Soft Starter Type.

  • Variable Frequency Drives Panels.

  • Pump Control Panels

  • HVAC Control Panels

  • Control and Instrumentation Panels.

  • PLC Control Panels.

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